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Istituto Ca’ Florens Istrana (Adozioni a distanza)

Our Institute is always active with the activities Adozioni a distanza, it involves the volunteers of the office of the adozioni a distanza, the secretary of the adozioni a distanza, the cook of the kitchen, our groups of prayers, Sunday mass, first Friday devotion, first Saturday devotion, the spiritual retreat of benefactors, spiritual retreats of groups of prayers, groups of AGESCI, Scout, Neocatecumenal groups, groups of Carmelite Fathers, groups who come for singing practices, groups which come to celebrate birthdays, large Indian catholic groups, individuals who come to our institute to pray and to get spiritual guidance and several African groups.


The visit of His Grace Mar Joseph Pamplany, Archbishop of Tellicherry:

During the Synod of the Bishops in Rome, the Archbishop, accompanied by a student priest in Rome, visited our Institute. on Sunday, he celebrated Holy Mass for the Italian Community. After the Mass, we had a short refreshment with all the participants. The Mayor of the Town with her family was present with us for the occasion and for the Mass. After the celebrations with the Italians, a small group of Indian Catholics came to meet the bishop. Each family had prepared one or more food items for the lunch. Therefore, we had a sumptuous Indian lunch with the archbishop. Thus, all those who came to our Institute remained very happy and satisfied.


Conference on HABEAS CORPUS (The human dignity violated)

On Saturday 2nd December an important conference was organised at Ca’ Florens on the human dignity violated. There were about 220 participants from different parts of Italy. Most of them were Doctors and working in the field of Socio-sanitary and health field. The conference was organised by our friend advocate Vito Andrea De Bellis and his team of advocates and Doctors. Bro. Mathew Kavumkal presented the conference to the audience after which the president took over the seat and started the meeting. The speakers of the conference were: Professor Alessandro Meluzzi, Professor Sandro Sanvenero, Dr. Pietro Gasparoni, Dr. Eriminia Ferrari, Advocate Jenny Lopresti, Dr. Fabio La Falce, Professor Roberto Cherubino, Dr. Marzia Carniato and a few others. Everyone appreciated the event. The hall of the Ca’ Florens and its surroundings were much appreciated by one and all.


Bro. Mathew Kavumkal SG.




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