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Montfortian Education began in 1715 in France when mass education began as a felt need of a literate and enlightened society. Later it was Registered as an Education Society in Paris, before spreading to the rest of Europe and then to Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

The unique characteristic of this education is that children are like Angels to be admired, adored and assisted in their growth as children of God. This is embodied in Christian terms as Wisdom in Jesus Christ which can be best acquired through Mary, His Mother. All sciences, philosophies and mathematics are empowering realities to delve into this Wisdom in realizing the fullness of human growth and abundance of natures’ wealth. Growing up is a spiritual experience and learning is an empowering process. The teachers are on this sacred mission. As a universal process Montfortian Education went beyond all religion based categories, and found itself at home with all religions and genuine spiritualities.

St. Montfort, the young man who ventured into this created a group of committed men and women to carry forward this mission, which they have so successfully done for the last 300 years. Today the Montfort Brothers are providers of quality education worldwide. Globalization has thrown new challenges and they are up in the forefront to make things happen as this website and global organisations it is speaking of can testify.

Montfortian Education is an Open Source educational enterprise in which all can find a source of learning, inspiration and insights. The Global Learning Network being launched by MEI as part of this website opens up wide gates for all educationists and learners to enter in with new possibilities and potential for growth.


Learning is no more space conditioned or age specific. Learning to be born is not possible, but learning to die is not only possible but desirable. Montfortian Education is on a global innovation route to make learning part of becoming, and living in cosmic abundance. From primary, secondary and tertiary education to lifelong learning is an integrated spiritual journey.

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