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Visit of the Assistants General to the Province of Brazzaville

In April 2023, our Province of Brazzaville had the privilege of receiving the visit of our three Assistants General, Brothers Pratap Reddy B. and James T. K., accompanied by Brother Jean-Paul Mbengue.

For more than 10 days, for the first time, the Assistants General visited the Province of Brazzaville, which extends tothree countries: the Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville and Cameroon. With the exception of Bertoua in Cameroon, they were able to visit the Institutions and Communities of Bangui and Brazzaville. This visit to the Communities of the Province was an opportunity for them to discover fraternal life and the missions of the Brothers.

Visits in Bangui

In Brazzaville, their visit began on Tuesday 11 April 2023, after Easter Monday. The delegation, accompanied by Brother Jean de Dieu Mandilou Moukouyou, Provincial Superior of the Province of Brazzaville, visited the Frère Hervé school at around 10 a.m., under a mild sun. The very warm welcome, with the rhythmic singing of the pupils, plunged the Brothers into radiant joy. After a walkabout, the Brothers met Brother Félix Moussompa, coordinator of the school, the staff and the Brothers who work there, before having a general discussion with the school's staff and pupils. The visit ended with a tour of some of the senior classes and a group photo.

In the evening, the Brothers went to the Makélékélé Community where some of the Brothers who work at Frère HervéSchool live. Here too the atmosphere was good and the fraternal sharing fruitful. Everything came to an end after dinner.

Then, on Wednesday 12 April, the Brothers Assistants visited the Institut des Jeunes Sourds de Brazzaville, a mission of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel created in 1971 by Brother Marie André Nganga, of happy memory. The Brothers had discussions with Sister Clarisse Bassolo, Coordinator of the school, and the staff, as well as with Brother Guy Loufouma, Director of the Primary Section. After these meetings, they visited all the classrooms to get a feel of the facilities provided to the students. The Institute has 256 students of which 158 students in Primary School and 98 in Lower Secondary School. The institute also has a Pre-School Centre for 5 children.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Brothers of the Moungali community had the honour of receiving our visitors, with whom they exchanged views and shared a meal.

Thursday was devoted to a visit to the Archbishop, Monsignor Bienvenu Manamika, and to Brother Barthélemy Nkounkou, elderly Brother of the Province, who is under the care of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

On Friday morning, the Brothers visited Case Montfort, a special school with two sections: A Re-schooling section for children and young people aged between 8 and 15, and a Vocational Training Centre. Case Montfort has several workshops. They isited the Mechanical, Electrical and Sewing Workshops, as well as the classrooms. At the end of the visit, they had a meeting with Brother Le Sage Miakamona, Coordinator, and the staff.

The guests visited the Postulancy on Friday afternoon. Their visit began with the garden and the farm. After this guided tour, they had a meeting with the Brothers of the postulancy. Brother Hubert Nakouzebi, who is in charge of the postulancy, introduced the other Brothers of the Community: Brother Christophe Mbani and Brother Landry Mafouassa.

Finally, on Saturday 15 April 2023, the Brothers Assistants met with the collaborators, then exchanged views with the Brothers of the Provincial Council. This meeting was coordinated by Brother Jean de Dieu Mandilou Moukouyou, Provincial Superior. The Brothers Assistants gave their impressions and advice to the Provincial and the Councillors. In addition, Brother Pratap Reddy, in his written message, congratulated the Provincial Administration for the initiatives taken to help the Brothers rediscover the religious values to which we have all committed ourselves.

In the afternoon, all the Brothers of the Province gathered at the Provincial House to share a fraternal meal with the Assistants General.

The visitors crossed the Congo River, which separates the two closest capitals in the world, on the morning of Sunday 16 April 2023, to travel to the Province of Kinshasa.

Brother Hubert NAKOUZEBI


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