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“Montfortian Momentum: Reflections and Resolutions from the 33rd General Chapter”

Insights, Initiatives, and Interactions Shaping the Future of the Brothers of St. Gabriel

The presentations of the report of the Provinces

From the afternoon of 05th April 2024 to 06 April 2024, the Provincial Superiors of the different Provinces and the Vic-Provincial of Madagascar made their presentation in the General Assembly. After presenting briefly the statistics of the Provinces, they outlined the implementation of the orientations of the 32nd General on the following priorities,

1. Sacred Fire

2. Formation

3. Mission Together

4. Fraternal Life

5. Education Mission

They shared the Major events and Projects that had taken place in their respective Provinces between the 32nd and 33rd General Chapters. They outlined the Major Challenges faced by the Provinces presently and the vision and dreams for the Provinces. Brothers from the different Provinces talked about inter-Province collaborations in terms of human and financial assistance.

On 8th April 2024, Bro. John Kallarackal, the Superior General, presented his report. The report covered the tenure of the current Superior General and Council since April 2018. It focused on the themes of fraternal living and mission. It outlined key decisions and initiatives of the Central Administration, including restructuring of the Provinces, formation programs, and preparations for the General Chapter. Major points include the establishment of International Commissions, follow-up on Council meetings, and efforts to address challenges faced by Western Provinces.

Bro. Jean-Paul Mbengue presented the efforts made in Formation, emphasizing its importance and outlining key recommendations and initiatives. Discussions included the need for ongoing formation and challenges in formation.

Bro. Pratap Reddy presented the Central Administration’s report on Education, highlighting the importance of Montfort Education Charter and all the initiatives undertaken. He discussed global educational challenges, collaboration with international agencies, and future possibilities. The presentation emphasized the vastness of the education field and the need for proactive engagement to promote Montfortian Education worldwide.

Bro. Dionigi Taffarello presented the Central Administration’s report on partnership, highlighting the initiatives taken to promote Montfortian Gabrielite spirituality and mission through collaboration with associates and lay collaborators. The presentation outlined objectives achieved, activities carried out, and future plans. It emphasized the importance of involving lay people in the congregation’s mission.

The report of Bro. James T. K., on Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) highlighted the institute’s efforts to promote social justice in line with the Church’s teachings. It outlined initiatives taken since the establishment of the JPIC commission, including conferences, formation programs, and solidarity projects. The report also emphasized the importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Bro. John Kallarackal, the Superior General, concluded the Central Administration’s report, highlighting key appointments, updates on the beatification process of the Spanish martyrs -Brothers and their Chaplain, and decisions made regarding various administrative matters. He also emphasized the importance of inter-Congregational collaboration and outlined significant events and publications within the Congregation. The presentation ended with expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment of the efforts made across the different entities to align with the directives of the 32nd General Chapter and the teachings of the Church.

Bro. Jean-Marie Thior, the Secretary General, outlined the role and responsibilities of his position. He highlighted various missions, including participation in General Council meetings, communication with the Provincial Superiors, and data gathering. In the subsequent presentation on statistics of the Congregation there were details on the number of Brothers, departures, and average ages across the different Provinces. The report underscored the importance of individual commitment to the congregation’s vitality beyond numerical assessments.

On 9th April 2024, Bro. Michael Mathew, the General Bursar, presented his report, outlining various events and financial matters since the last General Chapter in two sessions. It included visits to the Provinces, training sessions, the International Finance Commission, and detailed financial situations of both the Provinces and the Central Administration.

At 11 a.m., Sr. Simona Brambilla, a former Superior General of the Consolata Missionaries and current Secretary of the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, enlightened the gathering discussing challenges facing consecrated life today. She drew insights from Biblical passages and engaged in dialogue with the attendees, addressing topics such as the role of Religious Brothers, the impact of Artificial Intelligence, declining vocations, and the relationship between Bishops and Religious Congregations. Brothers raised questions and reflections, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.

In the afternoon the input session on the protection of minors was led by Prof. Dr. Irma Patricia Espinosa Hernandez and Dr. Emer McCarthy from the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. The Attendees engaged in discussions regarding the responsibility to report abuse and the importance of clear policies on the protection of minors in their institutions. They emphasized the need for action and collaboration at local and regional levels. The session concluded with gratitude for the informative and motivating presentation.

On 10th April 2024, Bro. Dionigi Taffarello, the Vicar General, presented his report on three topics: 1. The Restructuration of the Western Provinces, detailing the study process and course of action. 2. The Communities attached to the Central Administration - those in Belgium, Brazil, Italy, and a new mission in Haiti.  3. Report on the International Communities. Here he discussed its vision, objectives, mission, challenges, and proposals.

Fr. David, the Facilitator, emphasized the importance of carrying forward insights from the presentations as they transition into considering the Chapter Document, drawing parallels to Mary treasuring and pondering experiences in her heart.

Starting from the 10th evening to12th morning, the capitulants dispersed into seven language-based groups to delve into different topics of the Capitular document. They engaged in discussions and reflections in their groups. On 12th April 2024, in the General Assembly, the capitulants set the priorities for the 33rd General Chapter.

In the afternoon, the participants of the General Chapter made a visit to the Generalate of the Montfort Missionaries in Monte Mario, Roma. They were warmly welcomed by their Superior General Fr. Yoseph Putra Dwi Darma WATUN, and the other members of the community. After a short introduction of the community members of the Generalate, they had refreshments in the beautiful garden, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for conversation.  Fr. Marco Pasinato, SMM and Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM gave a short tour of the house and explained about the precious possessions of St. Louis de Montfort (original writings of St. Montfort and the relics of St. Montfort and Blessed Louise Trichet) that are in the Archives and the Chapel. The visit ended with a group photo. The Superior General of the Montfort Missionaries gifted a copy each of the Treatise on the True Devotion in Montfort’s   handwriting to the Provincials. Bro. Jean Marie Thior, the Secretary General of the Brothers of St. Gabriel thanked the Montfort Missionaries for their hospitality.

Bro. Louis Anthonysamy, SG

In-Charge of Communication.

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