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Election of the Superior General

Dear Brothers,

Fraternal Greetings from Rome.

I am pleased to announce that the 33rd General Chapter, in Today’s plenary session, Tuesday, April 16 2024, has elected Bro. Dionigi Taffarello for a first Term of Office, as the Superior General of the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel.


With the Brother Capitulants, we give thanks to the Lord for having enlightened us in our discernment to find the one who will be best able to animate and administrate the Congregation for the next six Years and to face the many challenges to be met.


With all the Brothers of the Congregation, the Associates, the Collaborators, friends and benefactors, we express our appreciation and congratulations to Brother for having accepted with faith and with full knowledge of the facts, a responsibility of which he measures quite well the burden.


We assure him of our fraternal support and of our prayers in his new mission to promote the unity of the Institute, by building and encouraging communion and union, in fidelity to our common vocation and mission.


Rome, April 16, 2024.


On behalf the Members of the 33rd General Chapter

Bro. Jean Marie Thior

Secretary General



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