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Gabrielite News Bulletin - 211

"If one really has a feeling of contribution, one will no longer have any need for recognition from others. Because one will already have the real awareness that “I am of use to someone,” without needing to go out of one’s way to be acknowledged by others. In other words, a person who is obsessed with the desire for recognition does not have any community feeling yet, and has not managed to engage in self-acceptance, confidence in others, or contribution to others.”

The above quote is from the book The Courage to Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi. It is written under the title Community Feeling. It goes on to say how a child or an elderly person is not able to contribute as much as an adult in terms of physical work but they do contribute to the community or family through their presence. The joy they bring to the family, and the wisdom they offer to the young are also contributions. All of us are equal but not the same.

This 211th issue of the GNB brings to you the contribution of many individuals and groups to the Society under one umbrella Brothers of St. Gabriel. In this issue, we have news and articles from 11 Provinces, 2 Formation Houses in India, and 6 Reports in the Partnership Section.

On Page 4 you will find the Closing Message of Rev. Brother Superior General on the 19th Council of the Institute which took place at Montfort Nilaya, Bengaluru, from 12th to 24th February 2023. The News from the Provinces covers various activities of the institutions, Spiritual Animations of the Brothers and Celebrations of the important events in the Provinces. The Province of Thailand shares the joy of welcoming 6 young Brothers. News under the Trichy Province covers the Blessing and Inauguration of the Montfort International School in Jaffna. On Page 14 you will find the report about the Junior Brothers Seminar held at MSI in Hyderabad in which 70 young Brothers participated. Province of North-East India shares about the celebrations held in t

he institutions on the 350th Birth Anniversary of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. The news from the Formation Houses in India shares their experiences and the events that took place in recent months in their respective places of formation. On Page 42 we have a special article on The World Youth Day 2023 by Bro. Marreddy T. R, which explains about the origin and the journey of the youth movement till today.

I gratefully acknowledge the people involved in the publication of the GNB_211. I thank Bro. Emmanuel P. J. for editing the English texts. We extend our sincere thanks to the translators, Bro. Marcel Chapeleau and Bro. Michel Mendy. My sincere thanks to Bro. Dionigi Taffarello for publishing news in the Partnership Section. A special word of thanks to Bro. James T. K and Bro. Jean-Marie Thior. We thank all the Provincials, Secretaries and News Reporters from the Provinces, who have contributed news items for the publication of the GNB.

Have a good reading!

Bro. Louis Anthonysamy, SG


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