Visit of Partnership Secretariat team in the Provinces

Visit of Partnership Secretariat team in the Provinces

Bro. Yvan Passebon, the Vicar General in charge of the Associates Movement in the Congregation, Bro. Maurice Herault from France and Bro. Thomas Paul from Malaysia-Singapore, the secretary and sub-secretary of the international secretariat, visited the Provinces of  Malaysia-Singapore, Trichy, Yercaud, Hyderabad and Pune from 28th September to 27th October, 2015. The main objective of their visit was to meet laity who are collaborating with the Brothers and in charge of the partnership in their respective Provinces.

They met the selected MAM members from our institutions. They were happy to see the way this movement is evolving and encouraged the associates to draw greater fruits from the movement. The visit did enthuse all concerned. During the visit, on the 15th October, they also had meeting of the Conveners of all the Provinces in India to evaluate the functioning of the movement in the country and also to plan for the future.

First of all, a big thanks to the Provincial Superiors and the Brothers, in charge of the partnership, for their initiative in preparing and animating of various meetings with the laity. In total, they met more than 150 lay people in five provinces. They listened to how the associates concretely live in different contexts. We were particularly impressed:

  • By all that is done to make St. Montfort known, particularly in this year of the Tercentenary and especially around the anniversary of his birth on January 31,
  • By what is proposed to honor the Virgin Mary over the academic year,
  • By training the students to live and pay attention to poor students through concrete actions,
  • By setting up support and spiritual formation for lay people who want to prepare for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary,
  • By personal testimonies of how the key points of Montfortian spirituality help lay people to live their Christian life in a Montfortian way (place of the Virgin Mary,  interest in the poor, trust in Providence…) not only within the premises of school but also largely in the family, the parish, etc.
  • By the very fact that a group of lay Catholics, even small, who works in the same school forming as a core Christian community.

They met mostly lay Catholics acknowledged as being “associated” with the mission of the Brothers. Obviously Gabrielite Montfort Associates and Brothers are called to grow together, drawing from the same source of evangelical and Montfortian inspiration. We enrich one another: allowing everyone to express and  respect each one’s vocation, the beauty of the gospel lived in the Montfortian way.

Thanks to each and every one for your shared life, showing the dynamism and boldness of Montfort today. Thank you, Brothers who are called to bring forth the reality of “associates” in our shared mission.

Bro. Maurice Hérault