The International Community, St. Laurence-sur-Sevre, France

The International Community, St. Laurence-sur-Sevre, France

Established on September 29, 2014, we hope that it is born at the right moment with the year of consecrated life and of the tercentenary of the death of Father de Montfort.

As part of the consecrated life, we ​​have had numerous requests; there was, in particular, the meeting of the religious from France, who are less than 45 years of age, from 1st to 3rd May in the Paris region. A similar meeting will be held in Rome in September, as part of the universal Church. Four Brothers were also present in the days of “Operation Dodoche” always ongoing, in the diocese of Vendée. This is for young Brothers and Sisters to go to meet the public and especially young people, to explain about the religious life. The local, regional and national press is very much interested in it.

We have many requests from groups sighted coming to St. Laurent for the year of the tercentenary, especially young people and from our Gabrielite Institutions.

We also believe that the place of our location is very favorable. We are here in the place of our foundation, and  involved in our  institution of origin: the Boarding School of St Gabriel. This enables us to keep in touch with young people. Furthermore, St. Laurent-sur-Sevre is a center of increasingly international for Montfortian young religious. Each Montfortian Congregation has its international community, Daughters of Wisdom since 2009, the Company of Mary since 2012, and ourselves since 2014. This is a group of 13 religious, 9 different nationalities who meet once in a quarter. Besides, the Sisters decided that from September 2015, the Year of Wisdom, a spiritual renewal course, will take place in St. Laurent instead of in Rome. Every year, ten sisters around the world gather for a time of internationality and renewal. The Company of Mary welcomes, every year, one or two groups of scholastics who spend three months in the places of Montfort to prepare for their final commitment. These sessions are held, according to participants, in English, French or Italian.

We strive to prepare, during different sessions, to live internationality and make our community with diversity of language, culture and other aspects. That remains our greatest challenge. Yet,

“Blessed and surrounded by His protection

this religious house we bless:

that all who dwell

live in brotherly love;

they put themselves generously at your service

and the service of their brothers;

they are by their lives of witnesses of the Gospel

and that they promote an increase in piety. “


For us, Brothers of this community, a program!