On Saturday 23rd April, the ‘Colegio San Gabriel’, Madrid, adorned with garlands, was the venue of the celebration for the Tercentenary of the Death of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort and the birth of the first Brothers of St.Gabriel. Over half a thousand participants (families, teachers, students, alumni and a delegation from Ribera de Duero) had responded to the invitation to come and celebrate the event.

The festivities started, right on time, at 11 a. m. with a solemn Eucharist presided over by Fr. Sergio, a diocesan priest, alumni of the ‘Colegio’ and active member of the ‘San Gabriel’s Summer Camps’. The opening address was delivered by Bro. Ángel Llana, the Provincial Superior of the Brothers in Spain. The choir of the ‘Colegio’ conducted by Bro. Alfredo and Prof. Álvaro, accompanied beautifully the prayer during the celebration.

Our good friend Sergio’s homily went down the history and deep into our hearts : “St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, a man of passion, endowed with a charismatic enthusiasm urging him to pass on his passion”, is not a monument from the past, to be considered with nostalgia, but rather a model for our lives, whose testimony has to be lived out now and forever”.

After the Eucharist, the day went on full of various entertainments: sports, dances, music and a whole program of activities prepared with care and love by the ones in charge of the Institution, efficiently supported by the staff, students and families. The program that started at 11 a.m came to an end when the clock of the ‘colegio’ was already marking 11 p. m.

Many thanks to the whole educational and religious Communities of the ‘Colegio’ in Madrid and to the Principal “Chema”, for preparing with great care and heartilly such an important and grandiose celebration. “It was worth the trouble… worth the bliss…” Now comes the week of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, for the students and all the staff who accompanies them during the whole academic year.

We are called by Christ to work on and ensure the presence of Montfort’s message: “the voice of the homeless, the refugees and the marginalized, the voice of the poor, the voice that raises to denounce any type of injustice”… It is the only way to make the present lead us to a better future.

Happy Montfort’s week !