Meeting of Religious Brothers in Rome

Meeting of Religious Brothers in Rome

“We are all brothers” is the motto which gathered 133 religious Brothers from 21 Congregationson the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th, in the Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Via Aurelia 476, Rome.

To mark the Year of Consecrated Life, Congregations of Brothers dedicated primarily to education, health and missions, decided to meet to celebrate the Brother’s vocation.

Represented at the meeting were the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in the person of the undersecretary, Fr. Sebastiano Pacciolla, and the Union of Superiors General through its Secretary General, Fr. David Glenday, who bothconveyed warm greetings to the participants.

The thread through the meeting and the celebration which followed was recalling the three objectives of the Year of Consecrated Life: “Looking at the past with gratitude, living the present with passion and embracing the future with hope.”

http://Tutti Siamo FratelliTogether,the Brothers shared stories around their own experiences of their vocation. A video prepared for the occasion offered images of the many activities that Brothers are involved in across different countries and cultures. These have created an atmosphere of reflection, on the one hand with gratitude for their vocation to live the gospel from communities of brotherhood, and alsothe words of the Pope for this Year “awaken the world” were welcomed as a challenge to their way of life at this time. Together they shared, around the remains of San Juan Bautista La Salle, present in the beautiful church of the house that welcomed them, that brotherhood which is extended toevery person as a result of the love we have received from God and as a part of following Christ. It is good news in a world that needs these values ​​for hope. The meeting stressed the Brother’s vocation as a vocation for today’s world. At the meeting there were echoes of the recent awarding of the Princess of Asturias Award to the Brothers of St. John of God, the highest national award in Spain in the field of humanitarian values. This Prize has been awarded especially for their exemplary work in the fight against Ebola in which 18 Brothers and partners died, and for their ongoing attention to refugees right now. http://20151024_192723
Although the Brother’s vocation has been reducing in terms of the total number of members, Brothers are more widespread in the global arena and remain necessary as memory of equality and service in a world which is divided, unequal and has so many people living in need.

The prevailing mood was one of joy, born of fraternity, joy with which characterised every moment of the encounter. In this sense, the words of Pope Francis’ lettercalled “Rejoice” have come true: “Where there are consecrated, there is always joy”.