Meeting of Commission Vocation – Formation

Meeting of Commission Vocation – Formation

Six members of the Commission for Vocation and Formation namely, Bros. B. A. Kurian from North East India, Lambert from the Province of Hyderabad, Maurice Herault from the Province of France, Abelardo from the Province of Spain, Arokiaraj from the Province of Trichy and Jean Gregoire Coly from Senegal, met for the second time in the Generalate, Rome from 23 to 28 March 2015. In its first meeting, in March 2014, it had formulated a questionnaire in order to have opinion on vocations in our various provinces, persistence of the Brothers and the formation of formators.

During this week of intense reflection and sharing, the General Council has had two meetings with the commission. At the end of extensive discussions, a working tool has been proposed. It is not a tool where there are solutions to the crisis of vocations, but may be, an instrument in a feasible way to take into account the aspects of vocations in our pastoral activities, and our community projects.

The Committee had a working document and the questionnaire that was sent to all the Brothers. A big thanks to all the Brothers who took time to read and respond to the questionnaire.

Today, several Institutes are addressing the issue of Vocations and formation of Formators. There is a certain crisis that should not be overlooked, although, not all the novitiates are empty. The importance of having various programs for the perseverance of Brothers with temporary vows is more than an emergency. The need for formation of formators does not need any explanation. Certainly, God’s call remains a personal question, but to respond to it, the community and the others are intermediaries that the Lord puts on the way.

Fraternal gratitude to all the members of the Commission and all those who have contributed their part entrusted to them.