His Writings

St. Louis Marie de Montfort penned down many texts during his short life, some longer, some shorter. He wrote always with the one purpose: to bring Christians to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, and to encourage them to live their Baptismal dedication to God.

His major works are:

1. The Love of Eternal Wisdomr_74_1

2. True devotion to the Blessed Virgin

3. The Secret of Mary

4. A Letter to the Friends of the Cross

5. The Admirable Secret of the Rosary

The other works:

1. The Burning prayer for Missionaries

2. A Letter to the Inhabitants of Montbernage

3. A Contract of Covenant with God

4. Dispositions for a Happy Death

5. Morning and Evening Prayers

6. The Rule of the Missionaries of the Company of Maryr_75_1

7. A Letter to the Members of the Company of Mary

8. The Rule of the Daughters of Wisdom

9. The Maxims of Divine Wisdom

10. Rules for various Associations

11. The “Wisdom of the Cross” of Poitiers

12. Hymns

13. Last will and Testament

14. Book of Sermons

15. Notebook