St. Montfort understood the need to provide good education to children and youth. He himself was a good teacher. From the beginning of his ministry, he recruited Brothers. He just started a few charitable schools and some of the Brothers taught in them. On June 09, 1715, he and four Brothers pronounced their religious vows. As St. Montfort died the following year, he could not develop his congregations. So in the 18th century, Brothers were in charge of one school. In 1821, Fr. Gabriel Deshayes became the General and he recruited many young men, started a novitiate and opened many schools. He was the General for 20 years and he proved to be real Re-Founder. After his death, Brothers got separated from Montfort Missionaries and today the Institute is  in 30 countries, has 15 Provinces and 1250 Brothers.

31-01-1673: Birth of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort in France

05-06-1700: Ordination to priesthood

06-06-1706: Audience with Pope Clement XI

1709 – 1710:   Construction of Calvary in Pontchâteau

1715: Starting a school for boys in La Rochelle

09-06-1715: Montfort and 4 Brothers made their vows in France

22-08-1715: Two Daughters of Wisdom Sisters made their vows

1715: Starting a school for girls in La Rochelle

28-04-1716: Death of Montfort in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France

20-06-1720: Sr. Marie Louise arrived in St. Laurent

29-06-1722: Fathers and Brothers make their vows in St. Laurent

           1722-1759:           Bro. Joseau looked after the parish school

           12-05-1749:            Death of Fr. René Mulot, First Superior General

           20-04-1759:            Death of Sr. Marie Louise of Jesus (Trichet)

           1789-1795:            French Revolution, 4 Fathers, 6 Brothers and 33 Sisters were killed

1821-1841: Fr. Gabriel Deshayes, Superior General, started a Novitiate for Brothers and took up or started many schools

16-10-1835: 33 Brothers came to stay at Supiot House (St. Gabriel’s House)

28-12-1841: Death of Fr. Gabriel Deshayes

21-09-1842: Bro. Augustin was elected Superior General. Separation from Montfort Missionaries

22-01-1888: Beatification of Montfort

25-09-1888: Starting of the Canadian mission

1902-1908: Anti-clerical Laws in France, Generalate shifted to Belgium

Starting of missions: Belgium (1900), Gabon (1900), Abyssinia (1900),  Thailand (1901), England, Italy, Spain, India, and Madagascar in 1903


19-02-1910: Became a Papal Congregation

28-08-1928: Starting mission in Belgium Congo (Zaire)

1936: 49 Brothers and their chaplain were massacred in Spain

Dec. 1936: Starting of the mission in Singapore

20-07-1947: Canonization of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort

Starting of missions: Brazil (1949), Senegal (1954), Malaysia (1955), The Congo (1957), Republic of Central Africa (1957), Colombia (1961), Peru (1962), Cameroon (1964)


1962: Shifting the General House to Rome

30-05-1965: 6 Belgian Brothers and a Dutch Brother were massacred in Buta in Congo (RDC)

Starting of missions: Rwanda (1965), Papua New Guinea (1968), Mauritius (1969), Haiti (1970), Fiji (1973), Tanzania (1983), Tonga (1989), Guinea Conakry (1995), Philippines (1998), Poland (1998), Burundi (2006), Burkina Faso (2007), Kenya (2011), Myanmar (2014)


16-05-1993: Beatification of Sr. Marie Louise of Jesus (Trichet)

24-05-2015: Tercentenary celebrations in St. Laurent, France