Bro. Paulraj A, Assistant General, visits Africa and the Province of Delhi

Bro. Paulraj A, Assistant General, visits Africa and the Province of Delhi

Bro. Paulraj, Assistant General, has been visiting the Province of Delhi from 6th November to 7th December, 2015. He has just completed his visit of Bhopal sector. Though the Province is spread far and wide, he will be visiting all the communities and meeting the Brothers, staff, students and well-wishers. He writes:

“So far I have been having a very enriching visit. I began my visit with Bro. Jean-Paul, Assistant General, in the Province of Brazzaville. The JPIC seminar for the francophone Provinces went off well. The Province of Brazzaville went out of the way to make this seminar very successful and effective. Then, Bro. Jean-Paul and I crossed the Congo river and began the visit of the Province of Kinshasa. For me, this being the first visit to these Provinces, I intend to write more about it later. The Brothers of the Province of Kinshasa too were very hospitable and fraternal.

From Kinshasa, I left for Bangalore, India. I took classes in CRI Brothers Institute of Theology for a week. Soon after completing my lectures here, I fell sick and recovered quickly before the commencement of the International Congress on Education.

Soon after the Congress, along with the Provincial of the Province of Delhi, I left for Bhopal and am now visiting the Province. The visit to the Province began with a visit to the Montfortian Gabrielite Social projects in the city of Bhopal. These were initiated by Bro. Jose Thottiyil some years ago and were being guided by a senior Brother Sebastian (He is 84 years old) till recently. I was very happy to see for myself the 17 centres of adult education, skill development, study centres and centres offering various programmes for women and children. Two city schools have two shifts; the afternoon shifts are meant for the poorer children.

The actual visit began with a seminar for the coordinators of our schools in the Province. For the first time, the Provincial Administration had organized a training programme for all the coordinators of our schools who are heading various sections and departments; there were about 45 of them; many religious sisters also were there. I shared with them the essential of Montfortian charism, Montfortian Gabrielite Spirituality, Montfortian Education etc. The participants took active part and have now deeper understanding of our charism and mission.”
Bro. Paul Raj

 Bro. Paulraj's visit to Delhi Province