Act of solidarity with the victims of the Umpqua Community College

Act of solidarity with the victims of  the Umpqua Community College

The gabrielite educational community of La Aguilera-Aranda de Duero remembered in an intimate act of support and solidarity with the dead and wounded from Umpqua Community College. At the foot of the Virgen of Patio, a prayer service was held  with deep respect for this American school where, at this time, Asier Calvo – student of Higher Level in Viticulture – is in educational exchange.


The City Council of Aranda de Duero has observed a day of mourning and convened a rally in mourning for the victims of the massacre that occurred on 1st October around Roseburg, a riverside capital city, when a 26-year old shot 13 people to death and left 24 others wounded before being killed by the police. The event took place on the campus of the Centre for Advanced Studies, Umpqua.

The dead and injured were in different classes in one of the buildings where  the San Gabriel has an exchange program. 50 minutes before the shooting started, Asier Calvo – the young student of Viticulture is in internship at a winery in the state of Oregon-had come to “college” to take a picture next to the landmark for reference of his relationship with this institution and city of Aranda, but fortunately left before the shooting started.

We remain united in faith and friendship with the families of the dead, waiting to be able to confirm that all the professors of  this American Center and the organizers of this educational Partnership, are safe.