Shared Gabrielite Mission Meeting at “Ciudad del Bienestar” (St. Gabriel’s ”City of Well-being”)

Shared Gabrielite Mission Meeting at “Ciudad del Bienestar” (St. Gabriel’s ”City of Well-being”)

The last encounter of Laity and Brothers of the Central Region (Roa and Aranda) was took place on Saturday, November 5. Altogether 23 persons, including Teachers, Collaborators and Brothers took part in it. The venue was ”Ciudad del Bienestar de Aranda” (the City of Well-Being), where six Brothers and a few aged people are accommodated presently. So the aspect of the site appeared rather revived, for once.

We all know what ”MISIÓN COMPARTIDA” (Shared Mission) stands for. Globally speaking, it means Brothers and Laity committed together to serve one specific type of mission. Actually, Brothers and Lay people’s Collaboration has existed for a long time in our Congregation. Fr. de Montfort could rely upon the collaboration of laypersons all along his missionary work. The well-known Brother Mathurin Rangeard, who never took vows, worked with Montfort until he breathed his last. Ever since, lay people have been collaborating with the Brothers in their missionary work, in many different ways.

In Spain, apart from urging on deep-rooted experiences, such as Pastoral work, with the youths, in and outside the Institutions (such as camps and encounters, organized by St. Gabriel), setting up Montfortian Associates, etc., the Brothers, considering their decline in number in the Institutions, as they are growing older and older, day after day, realized the need for strengthening their bounds with the laity through a solid formation in all that contributes to making up the identity of the Brothers of St. Gabriel (origins, charisma, spirituality, history, tradition, etc.).

That is the reason why the last get-together of the laity and the Brothers engaged in the Central Region (Roa and Aranda) was held on Saturday, November 5, regrouping 23 participants, including Teachers, Collaborators and Brothers. The venue had a new look as it was the ”Ciudad del Bienestar”, at Aranda, where six Brothers and a small group of aging people are staying presently.

During the meeting, of a formation type, we continued revisiting the history of the Brothers that we had already approached during the previous encounters. This time, the topic was the figure of Gabriel Deshayes, that man who boosted the foundation process of the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. We watched a biographical video elaborated for the occasion, listened to interesting contributions provided by Brothers and examined some of the existing documents about the (tremendous) growth of the Congregation during the XIX century.

Other meetings have been scheduled to facilitate our going deeper into that exciting history. The next will be on February 11. So, all those who are interested are invited to keep some space free in their agendas on that date!

As said in one of the first documents elaborated by ”Misión Compartida Gabrielista”: “This particular group of ”MISIÓN COMPARTIDA” ambition is to be a drop of water running towards our educative communities to maintain alive in them the Gabrielite and Montfortian identity”. And let us hope that the drop will run successfully!

-DANIEL CEBRIÁN    (Translation by Bro. Corentin Le Bot)


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