Montfortian Spirituality Retreats

Montfortian Spirituality Retreats

Singapore: Montfort Centre organized recently two modules of Montfortian Spirituality Retreats, Love of the Eternal Wisdom and Christian Discipleship. The retreat for the Love of Eternal Wisdom was conducted from 14th to 16th July. This was a popular retreat and we had a full house attendance. The Christian Discipleship, which was based on the Prayer for Missionaries, was held from 17th to 19th July. This fell during the weekdays and attendance was rather low.

The retreats were organized as part of the effort to share and to spread the Montfortian Spirituality to the larger community. Some of the participants had attended other modules of the Montfortian Spirituality retreats that were conducted earlier or previous year. It was for the very first time that the Christian Discipleship programme was held.

The facilitators for the retreats were Bro. Dominic Yeo-Koh, Bro. John Albert and Bro. Thomas Paul.


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