Our Mission

Inspired by the mission of Jesus according to St. Luke (4:18-19) “The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has chosen me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recover of sight to the blind; to set free the oppressed and announce that time has come when the Lord will save his people”. On his footsteps, we are called to empower the youth, particularly the poor, and all those struggling for justice. This requires transformation of the persons that they may be able to establish just and fraternal relationships, and attain sustainable  development of the society.

Brothers witness to the love of Christ in different ways. They regard apostolic mission as the normal expression of their life of faith and of their religious commitment. “Religious Brothers provide valuable services of various kinds, inside and outside the community, participating in this way in the mission of proclaiming the Gospel and bearing witness to it with charity in everyday life” (Vita Consecrata no. 60).

Our mission is realized through:
1. Academic Institutions:

From childhood to youth, the formal education provides, in a manner appropriate to the age of the persons and their culture of origin, the knowledge they need to live in their environment: communication through speech and writing, knowledge of history and geography, introduction to the understanding of physical phenomena and manifestations of life.

At a more advanced stage, formal education prepares students for the A Level Degree and higher education, mainly in universities and preparatory classes. Specialized sections accommodate students with difficulties and those who do not master all the knowledge required by the common standard.

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2. Vocational Institutions:

Technical education helps the students to prepare themselves for vocational or technical degrees. It assumes general knowledge so that the students can understand and comprehend the society where they will have to carry out their living. It aims to help students acquire the knowledge and skills required to exercise accurately their profession, so that they are able to face the job market or to prepare themselves to register in technical colleges. The curriculums take into account the local culture, the social needs and the professional dreams of the youths.

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3. Education of Students with Sensory Disabilities:

Education for visually, hearing, speech impaired students goes back to the earliest days of the Gabrielite educational tradition. It is intended for children, youngsters who have a disabling alteration of these functions. It tries to remedy by educating the deficient functions to reduce, as much as possible, the difficulties of living in a normal environment. The dedication, expertise and success of the Brothers specialized in teaching the sensory impaired is unanimously acknowledged.

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4. Boardings and hostels:

Boarding schools are places of life, increasingly in demand, by families for their children during the years of primary and higher secondary school. The reasons are many: the school may be far away and does not allow a daily return home; a search of better conditions to study that will allow better results; the resignation of some parents in front of the difficulties of educating their children… Boarding schools have an important place in the educational system of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. By managing themselves their own hostels that are an image in abridgement of their society in its ethnic, cultural, religious dimensions, the youth learn about the civic and social life.

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5. Social services and assistance to youth at risk:

The Brothers of St. Gabriel have always been close to their students and their families, as witnesses to God’s mercy. But this concern has been strengthened by the lack of security generated by society in the recent decades. Social service is now part of the Constitutions, No 89, as a mission in itself. Educators for this mission are carefully selected and prepared by appropriate training.

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