Gabrielite News Bulletin 207

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.”

 Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist (1988).

Yet another edition of Gabrielite News Bulletin comes to you with simple things from far and wide. The Bulletin begins with the exclusive report of Bro. Jean Marie Thior, the Secretary General, on the annual meetings of the three Central Administration of the Montfortian family held in our Generalate. This issue contains the news reports from 9 Provinces and 3 Formation Houses in India, 3 news reports from the Montfortian Associates in the Partnership Section, lives of 2 Spanish Brothers (Presumed Martyrs), detailed report from Brother Mathew from Istituto Ca’ Florens Istrana and a special report on Fr. Don Carlo, former Chaplain of the Generalate community, by Bro. Bernard Guesdon, our Archivist.

Three Provinces have reported about the installation of the new Provincial Administrations. On page 8, Brother Mariyapragasam gives a brief report of the Sri Lankan mission from its inception. News from the Province of Brazzaville reports the visit of Bro. Dionigi Taffarello (Vicar General) and Bro. Jean-Paul Mbengue (Assistant General) to Bangui.

We thank Bro. Emmanuel P. J. for editing the texts. We extend our sincere thanks to the translators, Bro. Michel Mendy, Bro. Marcel Chapeleau and Bro. Georges Le Vern. Sincere thanks to Bro. Sébastien Ndabunganiye (Associate Editor) for coordinating the translation work and editing the French texts. A special word of Thanks to Bro. James T. K for his assistance. We thank all the Provincials, Secretaries and news reporters from the Provinces, who have contributed news for the publication of the GNB. Thanks to Bro. Dionigi Taffarello for his continuous efforts in publishing news in the Partnership Section.

A sincere thanks to Bro. Georges Le Vern who returns to his Province after 22 years of his service at the Generalate in various capacities. He has been a big part of GNB, helping us with the translation and proof reading. 

Bro. Louis Anthonysamy, SG

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