After the 1936-1939 civil war and the Second World War the Province of Spain was drained of personnel and financial resources but its members wanted only one thing: to revive. Up till then all the schools and houses of formation had been established in Catalonia though many Brothers came from the Burgos area in Old Castille. It was in this area that Br. Hilario, the Provincial, decided to buy a large estate, La Dehesa in Murillo de Rfo Leza, with a view to establishing a juniorate and working a farm there. As the harvests were disappointing the juniorate was transferred to the former Bilbao diocesan seminary at Castillo Elejabeita. After a three-year unsuccessful attempt at Funes in Navarre, the juniorate for the senior boys was also established there in 1962.

The novitiate and the scholasticate, as well as the schools in Catalonia remained there. Three schools were started again in the 1940’s, shortly after the end of the civil war: at Arenys de Mar, San Sadurni de Noya and Viladecans. In 1946 the school at San Adrian de Bes6s, which the Brothers had left in 1936, was also started again. The Brothers had run the school at Torroella de Montgri since 1912 and in 1948 they returned to the new San Miguel School there. In 1953 they took charge of San Jose Oriol School in the centre of Barcelona, and in 1961 they took charge of Ripollet School in Barcelona suburbs. The number of schools run by the Province was then seven. The Province has ceased sending Brothers to Thailand in 1936 but found a new missionary field in Colombia (See 20 January). In 1965 the house at La Aguilera in the diocese of Burgos replaced the one at Caldetas, which was sold the following year (See 5 September). Though it was designed to house novices, it was turned into a school-cum-seminary for possible candidates, then into an ordinary secondary school.

In 1970 the Brothers took charge of St Gabriel School to the north of Barcelona. In 1972 and 1976 the Brothers withdrew in turn from the school at San Sadurni and  from San Jose Oriol School. In 1983 they took over from the Oblate Sisters who were running Holy Redeemer School in the Carabanchel area in Madrid.   ·

At the end of    1999· the Spanish Province was still running seven thriving schools with an amazing number of extra-curricular activities. One school is in Madrid, and another at La Aguilera; the other five are in Catalonia: San Gabriel School in Barcelona and three close by,     at    San Adrian     de Besos, Viladecans, and Ripollet; the fifth one is at Torroella de Montgri. The totalnnumber of pupils is nearly 5,000