He died at age 23 on 5 March 1855, and in his family, where he had gone for rest; he was the second of the three Boulestreau Brothers. All the three had entered the Institute and died in it: the other two, Jacques and Joachim, at 63 and at 58 years respectively. What is surprising is that their father was a former Brother of St Gabriel.

The instance of three brothers from the same parents entering and persevering in St Gabriel has occurred 18 times: 10 in the 19th century and 8 in the 20th century.

  • In the 19th century, they were all of course from French families:

-the Boulestreau (from Sainte-Christine in the diocese of Angers),

-the Babonneau (from Tillieres in the diocese of Angers),

-the Jacquet (from La Tourlandry in the diocese of Angers),

-the Herbreteau (from Saint-Fulgent in the diocese ofLw on),

– the Picard (from Menomblet in the diocese of Lu on),

-the Piveteau (bom in 3 communes of Vendee: L’Aiguillon, Ste-Florence; Chauche),

-the Graton (from Vieillevigne in the diocese of Nantes),

– the Chatalin (from Tremeoc in the diocese of Quimper),

– the Veysset (from Saint-Sauves in the diocese of Clermont-Ferrand),

– the Hirschauer (from Paris).

In the 20th century, among the 8 cases 6 belonged to Canadian families:

-the Belair (from Sainte-Scolastique),          -the Leguerrier (from Saint-Augustin),

-the Therien (from Saint-Janvier),                -the Tre anier (from Saint-Stanislas ,

– the Jacob (from Saint-Stanislas),                 -the Proulx (from Saint-Camille).

The other cases were the Bernard from Vendee and the Panis from Belgium.


In the 19th century there were also four Brothers Michel (from Bellafaire in Provence) and four Brothers Randanne (from Vernines in the diocese of Clermont).


As per the families that have given two of their children to St Gabriel, they are quite a number. We have not enough space here to include even those pairs who persevered. France comes first with 99 cases. Then comes Canada (16), India (13), Spain (8), Belgium (2), Italy (1). Africa and Southeast Asia have no such cases.


Let us see a few cases of Superiors who had a brother in the Institute:

Superiors General: Br. Hubert and Br. Gabriel-Marie.

Assistants: Br. Onuphre, Br. Mathijs Claessens, Br. Victor Chaillou, Br. Mani Mekkunnel.                                                           ·

Provincials: Br. Louis de Gonzague (Midi), Br. Felix de Nicosie (North), Br. Paulin (Montreal), Br. Giulio Scarapicchia (Italy), Br. Leon Poliquin (Montreal), Br. Gabriel Foucher (Nantes), Br. Pierre Le Floc’h (Central Africa).

In France, the two Chaillou brothers (Victor and Auguste), in Belgium the two Marivoet brothers (Alfons and Michel) and in India the two Mekkunnel brothers (Mani and Paulose) were Provincials.