The Councils of the Institute were decided in the General Chapter of 1971. They gather, twice during the six year period, the members of the Central Administration and the Provincials, with the aim of promoting the common good and unity of the Institute. They try, when gathering outside Rome, to make the participants discover a new sector of the Congregation.

The 1st Council was held in Rome from 2 to 8 March 1972 and dealt with community life and relations with the laity.

The 2nd, from 24 April to 16 May 1974, was held in Montreal, Canada, and discussed evangelisation.

The 3rd, chose for theme “A community attentive to the Spirit” and was held in Rome, from 27 February to 13 March 1975.

The 4th became part of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Brothers in India and was held at Yercaud from 10 to 22 January 1979. It dealt with the questions of formation and solidarity in the Institute. The non-Indian Brothers who went there for the first time and who were shown maximum number of aspects were very much struck by the vitality of the Province.

The 5th was devoted to the study of the Montfortian spirit and it was held from 20 February to 14 March 1981, in some places in western France with priority obviously given to Montfort-sur-Meu.

The 6th was once again in Rome, from 7 to 25 March 1985, and dealt with the role of the Provincials.

The 7th was at Drummondville, in the li.ouse of tfie Montfort Hitliers of Canada, from 3 to 19 June 1987, and dealt with the themes of formation and mission.

The 8th, despite some difficulties, took the risk of gathering in Africa (the main topic itself of the Council) in the guest house of Vouela in Brazzaville, from 20 to 29 June 1991. The non-African Brothers were asked, before their arrival, to spend some days in one or two countries of the Province of Central Africa (Central African Republic, Gabon, Zaire) to have a better idea of the African reality.

The 9th was devoted to the preparation of the 28th General Chapter and was held at Assumption University, Bangkok, from 25 October to 6 November 1993, with short interruptions for a working visit to Sriracha and an outing to the north (Khon Kaen and Chiengmai), and for some, an extra trip to Singapore and Batu Tiga in Malaysia.

The lOth was held in Rome for the 4th time, from 1st to 11 October 1997. Its agenda was ambitious and, among other things, dealt with inter-Montfortian collaboration, which was prepared and detailed some days earlier at our General House through a common meeting, for the first time, of the three Councils of the Institute of the Montfortian Family.

The 11th, held at Begas, in the southern suburb of Barcelona (Spain) from 2to 14 April 1999, had for its main aim the preparation of the 29th General Chapter in April 2000.