The history of the Provincial magazines is complicated because their titles changed, then some Provinces were divided and others were merged, and the magazines were not published regularly. Their length and content varied greatly but they have kept improving: from being simple duplicated sheets they have become well-produced illustrated periodicals.

Credit is due to the Province of Canada which first published L’Echo canadien de Saint-Gabriel from October 1918 to June 1919, and then a magazine entitled Bulletin which appeared nine times a year from 1921 to 1953. When the two Canadian Provinces Montreal and Champlain were set up in 1953, the former published Bulletin de Montreal (1953-1961) and the latter Champlain. Then the two Provinces jointly published Montreal-Champlain (1964-1968), and then separately Nouvelles gabrielistes and Le Courrierde Champlain from 1968 to 1995. When the two Provinces merged in 1995 they published a common magazine Courrier gabrieliste.

The Province of Thailand had just been set up (1 May 1948) when it published the first issue of Nok (bird) on 15 June. Despite some gaps between: 1990 and 1993, Nok is still published and can claim to be the longest-living Gabrielite magazine.

In March 1949 the Province of Western France started Ouest-Saint-Gabriel. It was a follow-up to Faites passer which had been started in 1935 by an Assistant General, Br. Armand-Joseph, and was intended for the Brothers doing their military service. In 1953 it was replaced in the Province of North-Western France by Saint-Gabriel de Ia Loire aux Tropiques, and by Horizons gabrielistes in the Province of Western France. From 1966 only one magazine, BIP (‘interProvincial Bulletin’), was published and it was replaced in 1983 by the Provincial Newsletter.

In 1953 Spain came on the scene with San Gabriel, which appeared every month until1986 when it became twice-yearly but was longer and better and was coupled with a thin Correo San Gabriel which appeared every month.

In 1956 Belgium published Regina Nostra which ceased publication in 1974.

In 1956 Malaysia-Singapore started the publication of Newsletter BSG.

In 1957 the Province of India published News Bulletin, which ceased publication 20 years later and was revived under three titles: in 1977, Outlook (Central Province), in 1977 and 1979 News Letter then News Bulletin (Northern Province), and in 1978, News and Views (South India).

In 1981 the Province of Central Africa started publishing Saint-Gabriel sous l’Equateur.

In 1990 the Province of Senegal published Saint-Gabriel Senegal whose title was changed to Sufiu Gaal (Our canoe) in 1995.

The ·latest magazines come from India. Apart from Outlook which is still published, the previous ones have been replaced: by Dialogue (Delhi, 1991); Gabrielite Ranchi (1990); Kalathin Kuralet (1990) (The voice of time) then Sangamam (1994) (in the Trichy Region which has become a Province); S.G. (1994) in the Region of Yercaud which has become a Province); Montfortian Expressions (1996) in the North-Eastern Province. The publication of these magazines is most irregular.