In the minutes of the General Chapter of April 1898, which started the Chronicle, we read this sentence: “Some thought of giving the Chronicle an image that could make our benefactors and pupils read it with pleasure and profit”. This was a wish and it would be realised in the time of Br. Benoit-Marie. In effect, he created for them the Sint Gabriel review in Flemish, in 1918, and the Ave Maria review in French, in 1926 The two were adaptations of the Chronicle. When the war interrupted them in 1939, the first had published its n° 124 and the second its no 131. In 1928, he started a brighter review, in colour, Almanach Saint-Gabriel, which would not cease to amplify, enrich and embellish until its disappearance in 1939 again because the war. In January 1940, the Ave Maria review was taken over by Canada. The title was kept but its European austerity was replaced by a savour of youthfulness. Besides it became a journal for the youth, in colour, with drawings and illustrations and an eclectic content: to the news of the Institute were added articles on nature, science, arts and pages of a lighter vein. In 1947 it joined hands with similar reviews. Sadly it terminated in 1964, killed by competition, possibly disloyal, of other reviews that were compulsory in the schools. In 1978, at the General House, Br. Gabriel Foucher tried a new formula with Vous et nous. Starting with special magazines devoted to the different Provinces, he brought out nine elegant issues on glazed paper until 1982, some in French and some in Italian, meant for friends, parents and pupils of our schools.

The latest of these magazines meant for all was first published in 1995 and called Saint-Gabriel 2000. It is an annual album of 32 pages, with illustrations in colour and published in two editions: one French-English and another Italian-Spanish. It is widely distributed in some countries. Its aim is to make known to thousands of readers the various aspects of the Institute: its mission, its spirituality as well as the material needs to which a network of solidarity is intended to respond.

To these national and international reviews must be added the many magazines, often prestigious, which were and are published, usually every year, by big school Institutions in France, Thailand, Canada or India.