.While preaching during Lent at Annecy in 1605, Francis de Sales met a deaf and mute boy called Martin; he prepared him for First Communion, continued to look after him and nursed a deep affection for him. That is why he was proclaimed patron saint of the hearing impaired and therefore of all our schools for the hearing impaired, which started in 1825 and continue to this day. Until 1955 all of them were in France, then some were started in other countries.

In what follows, the word “end” means “end of the school management by the Brothers” (even though some Brothers are still working in the schools).




– 1825: La Chartreuse d’Auray, transferred to Nantes, first to the district of St James Hospital in 1843, then to La Persagotiere. End in 1982.

– 1837: Rouille in 1837, transferred to Loudun in 1838, then to Poitiers in 1856. End in 1977.

– 1939: Orleans, with a break from 1846 to 1871, transferred to Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle in the suburbs of Orleans in 1891. End in 1981.

– 1839: Lille, transferred to Five-les-Lille in 1843, then to Ronchin in the suburbs of Lille in 1872. End in 1912.

– 1840: Scissons, with a break from 1841 to 1852. End in 1880.

– 1859: Toulouse. End in 1958.

– 1871: Saint-Germain l’Herm, transferred to Clermont-Ferrand in 1872, then to Royat- les-Bains in the suburbs of Clermont-Ferrand in 1890, and finally to Gravouses in 1903.

End in 1903.

– 1877: Curriere, in outbuildings of La Grande-Chartreuse Monastery in the parish of Saint-Laurent-du-Pont. End in 1903.

– 1881: Bordeaux. End in 1974.

– 1919: Marseilles. End in 1976.

– 1955: Strasbourg-Neuhof, in a school run by Sisters of the Holy Cross. The Brothers withdrew in 1984.




– 1961: Medellin (Colombia). End in 1986.

– 1962: StLouis d’Adyar, at Chennai (Tamilnadu, India)

– 1966: Madrid (Spain), the Brothers took charge of a boarding school for the blind.

End in 1981.

– 1971: Brazzaville (Congo). End in 1981.

– 1972: Gatagara (Rwanda), transferred to Kavanu in 1973 then to Butare.

– 1989: Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the Brothers took charge of hearing impaired people in Bondeko Villages.

– 1996: Tura (Meghalaya, India).

– 1997: Mumbai (Maharasthra, India).

– 1999: Belagola (Karnataka, India).