January 23 – THE MAGAZINE



The Chronicle, which ceased publication in October 1968, was replaced by two publications issued simultaneously: an information bulletin started in December 1969 and a magazine. The bulletin was not published from 1977 to 1989 but the magazine continued to appear. It was called Magazine. The first issue, dated 23 January 1972, consisted of eight pages, including three of pictures, hence the name Magazine. Until the end of 1976 its format – eight pages stapled together – did not change but it gradually expanded up to 54 pages. Br. Rene Guibert designed its front cover, which changed every year. In 1977 its format, that of an exercise-book, became the present­ day one. Its cover is no longer linked to a yearly figure and appears in two successive forms, the latest one, more modem, going back to 1991.


The editors of Magazine were in turn: Br. Jean-Guy Desilets_from Canada (1972-1975), Br. Auguste Chaillou from France (1975-1977), Br. Gabriel Foucher from France (1977-1983), Br. Raja from India (1983-1988), and after a break of over a year, Br. Louis Bauvineau from France. However, Magazine, which is published in French and English, is the product of a team: translators, typists, computer users, proof-readers, who succeeded each other as the years went by, and also of a printer, Br. Louis Burgaud, who held the post from 1972 to 1995. The machinery he used was old but sturdy and his productions done with painstaking care, were perfect; it has been replaced by a more efficient computer printer but the end-products are not so good.


The intervals between issues have varied considerably: at first eight issues were published every year, then four between 1977 and 1983, then fewer, then four again between 1989 and 1995, then two when Saint Gabrie/2000 started publication.

Occasionally Magazine carried news about the Church and the Vatican. But most of its contents always concerned the Institute: life of the Provinces, of the schools, of the communities, historical outlines, first-hand accounts, biographies of deceased  Brothers (not nearly as often as in the Chronicle). Besides, Br. Gabriel Foucher published 13 special issues on the Provinces. Br. Louis Bauvineau started thematic issues: on education, spiritual animation, initial formation, etc., and also issues devoted to the deceased Brothers: short obituaries of those who died the previous year, and also more detailed biographies.