1st January or a day close to it: Brother Augustin kept it ten times, Brother Simeon five times, and Brother Eugene Mary thirteen times, to address a circular lo their Brothers. With three examples, we can listen to the voice of our “old” Superiors.


«My dear Brothers,

We are once again beginning a new year. I take it as a duty to wish that it brings you happiness, a duty I fulfil with sweet satisfaction. Yes, my dear Brothers, it is with the greatest joy that I wish you happiness right from the first days of the new year. But what must be done, my dear Brothers, to be happy here below, to be happy especially in the religious state? To fulfil with zeal and faithfulness the duties of one’s state, to act always with great purity of intention, and to be resigned to the will of God in all the events that the world may be ashamed of».

(Brother Augustin, 1st January 1843)


«My dear and beloved Brothers in Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother,

From the start of the new year that the Lord is giving us in His mercy, I feel the urge to thank you wholeheartedly for the greetings you sent me and the dear Brothers of the Council. We know that these greetings are sincere and not feigned like those of the children of the century and we are pleased. We hope that God all powerful and infinitely good whom you have invoked for our sake will have heard your prayer, for your humble and fervent prayers will have been presented to Him by Mary, our good Mother Superior, who is never to suffer any refusal. In our turn, we send you our own greetings».

(Brother Simeon, 1st January 1859)


«I simply want to thank you for your good wishes. The years flow on and disappear, but what never passes is the love we have for one another in God. Founded and rooted in Jesus Christ, who was yesterday, is today, and will be for ages without end, our affection will always be the same, because it is part of the cause that produced it: by nature it has to go on increasing; for the charity of Christ urges us.

Thus united in Jesus Christ, we enjoy the peace promised to the children of God, and, within the Institute to which we have given our affection and confided our hope, we will taste the pure joy of life as a family».

(Brother Eugene-Marie, 1st January 1868)