February 22 – NAMESAKES


On 22 February 1840 a young Brother called Pierre Durand (Br. Germain) died. Three other Brothers were also called Pierre Durand: Br. Ulfrid (1824-1894), Br. Clovis-Joseph (1901-1984) and Br. Joseph de Jesus (1904-1996). Our archives are packed with namesakes (three Auguste Durand, three Joseph Loizeau, three Louis Moreau, etc.); we used to tell them from each other by using their religious names – except that Joseph Gourdon (d. 1886) and Jean Gourdon (d. 1967) were both called Br. Flavius. Although we do not use religious names any more, confusion can still arise, at least in the West, when different people bear the same name.

In India,   on the other hand, people with similar names are distinguished by the initials that follow the name. If you look at the list of Brothers in India in 1999, you will note 14 Brothers called George, 16 called Jose, 26 called Joseph and 19 called Thomas (a very popular name given in honour of StThomas who is said to have evangelized Kerala and. to be buried in Madras); however, George P.J. is not George V.K., nor is Joseph T.A. the same as Joseph T;V.

Considering only the religious names used in the past, let us clear some possible confusions.

Br. Augustin, Bro Eugene-Marie and Br. Hubert refer not only to the Superiors Generals but   in the case of Augustin to a Brother who was Assistant General, Provincial of Canada and General Bursar; in the case o( Eugei)._-Mari_t >._the thirc! PiinciparDireCtor- in-India         tlie ciise   Hubert to     first Provincial of Thailand.-

Br. Denis was the name of the first procurator (Bursar) in the Institute and also the name of the first Principal Director in India (who died while an Assistant General).

Br. Pothin, who was head of the schools for the deaf and dumb in Toulouse then in Poitiers, was not the same as Br. Pothin who was the first procurator ih Rome.

Two Brothers called Jeremie were well-known: the Assistant to Br. Eugene­ Marie and the one known mostly as Mr Besson, who taught the senior classes at the boarding school at Saint-Laurent between the two world wars.

Br. Anaclet was the name of the secretary to Bros. Simeon an_d Eugene-Marie and also the name of the vocations Director of the French North Eastern Province from 1952 to 1972.


Who was Br. Louis de Gonzague? He was the first Provincial of the French southern Province (d. 1892) and also a Brother who spent most of his life in Rome (d. 1954) working mainly in the procure.