August 8 – WRITERS


When Br. Corentin Riou died on 8 August 1995, he was working on a set of six short stories written in Breton and gathered under the title Heiichou Ar Brezel (ways of war). Only one out of his two books was published.

The writings of Brothers are of many kinds:

* didactic works in all fields (See 25 June, 13 July, 5 December);       .

* pamphlets or spiritual books, like those of Br. Etienne Joseph: The mysteries of the Rosary, Meditations for religious educators, or The Holy Shroud by Br. Marcel Chapeleau;

* university theses (see 3 August), biographies of Montfort (see 24 June);

* souvenirs as Le Dodore fait la malle, an account of how Br. Patrice Bernard escaped from the German prisoners’ camp;

* historical studies on different entities:

– towns (Mascouche, by Br. Jacques Burelle; Blain and Chateaubriant, by Br. Marcel Buffe),

– schools (those of Canada, by Br. Adelard Faubert; Pont-l’Abbe, by Br. Robert Baud; Tauves, by Br. Pierre Penisson; Mauleon, by Bi. Rene Burgaud, etc.),

– teaching Brothers, like those of Canada, by Br. Georges Croteau,

– Congregations (See 5 June), Provinces or religious Districts, etc.

* biographies of Brothers written for the Chronicle or the Magazine, or published separately in the form of opuscules and books.

It is difficult to give a list of all these writings, so many and varied, and especially to distinguish those which could be put in the category of works called “literary”.

Apparently, the Brothers have not written any fiction, except dramas meant for local festivities.

Though many have quite unpretentiously courted the Muse to make a family feast more tasteful, some have also produced some long and exacting works in verse:

– a biography of Montfort in 225 English quatrains, by Br. George Mary, India (1990);

– the “translation” of The Love of Eternal Wisdom in 1348 French verses (306 quatrains and 14 sixains) meant to be sung! (1973);

– an epic poem of 6588 verses (or 612 pages plus 24 pages outside the text!), titled as Noel or Christmas, around the history of salvation according to the Bible and the visions of Marie d’Agreda, written between 1912 and 1915 by Br. Noel (Laurent Guillaume).

Other Brothers have translated with delight the psalms and religious hymns in Breton (Br. Coren tin Riou), or the Canticles of Montfort in Italian (Br. Carlo Necci), or English or, in French, a medieval Icelandic masterpiece of poetry in honour of the Bl Virgin in French (Br. Michel Taille).

Well, if we would very much like to recall some names of inspired Brother poets, here they are: Br. Hermogene (1865-1943), Br. Ananie (1873-1941), Br. Armand Joseph (1879-1952), Br. Anastase (1886-1979) and Br. Gabriel-Marie (1904-1979).