August 27 – HAITI


There is problem in indicating the exact date of the arrival of the first Brothers in From 1970 to 1972, Br. Alban Forest went to teach in the Notre-name de Lourdes school at Port-de-Paix, but without the Province of Canada having any plan of starting something in Haiti.

In 1976, at a month’s interval, on 27 August and 3 October, two Brothers from the Province of Champlain arrived in response to two independent requests received one after the other. Br. Herve Trottier who had already taught the deaf and dumb in Butare (Rwanda), was requested to assist the Sisters of Wisdom who were running the Montfort Institution in the capital Port-au-Prince, serving some 125 deaf children of both sexes. Br. Real Grenier was solicited by Fr. Raynaud, parish priest of Anse­ d’Hainault, at the western extremity of the island, to work there in the Saint-Raymond’s School that he had started in 1971. Br. Herve, who only remained two years with the deaf, soon went to Anse-d’Hainault to take charge of Saint-Joseph’s primary school.

The community of Anse-d’Hainault continued thereafter to diversify its activities: initiation to agriculture and animal breeding, literacy of children doing “bonded” service in well-to-do families, pastoral work in village schools, construction of houses, tapping sources of water, and the starting of ·a group of Montfortian associates.

Another community was started in 1982 at Jeremie, where the Sisters of Wisdom were already present. The Brothers there succeeded the priests at the Saint­ Louis’s School and, later, the Brothers of Ploermel at the Brother Paulin’s primary school. While teaching was their main activity, they also were looking after a home for street children.

While the Congregations of the Company of Mary and the Daughters of Wisdom, present in Haiti since the XIXth century, had each a vast Province there, the concerted efforts of the Brothers to have a local entity were not at all successful

The only Haitian Brother was Br. Moncles Richard. He was accidentally drowned on 29 October 1989, exactly on month after his first religious profession.