Eight General Assistants (six French and two Canadians) did not reach the end of their mandates: four due to their deaths, three due to sickness and one because of the war.


  1. Under Br. Eugene-Marie, Br. Benoit resigned in 1864 for reasons of health

He had been Councillor for 22 years (See 31 March). He was not replaced.

2. Under Hubert, Br. Armand (Joseph Babonneau), Assistant since 1883, was struck by a serious pleurisy in 1893 and died in December 1895; at 54 years of age. He was replaced by Br. Martial.

3. Under Sebastien, Br. Denis- one of the three pioneers of India in 1903 – Assistant since 1920, died suddenly at the end of the afternoon recreation at the General House of Etterbeek on 21 April 1926. He was 58 years of age. He was replaced by Br. Benoit Labre.

Br. Benoit Labre too died suddenly in the same house during a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel on 6 April1931. He was 56 years old. He was replaced by Br. Onuphre.

Br. Apollinaire, this same year 1931, when he had just completed 79 years, stopped all activity for health reasons. He was not replaced. He was Assistant since 1898.

4. Under Br. Benoit-Marie, Br. Elzear was arrested by the Germans on 31 July 1940 at Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, as a Canadian and herice a Commonwealth citizen, and brought to a camp meant for foreigners at Montreuil-Bellay (Maine-et-Loire), then to another. at Saint-Denis near Paris. A diabetic, he was taken to a Paris hospital of Val de-Grace, where he died on 8 April 1942. He was replaced by another Canadian, Br. Emmanuel, but only at the end of the war when he could come to Europe.

Br. Onuphre died three weeks after the arrest of Br. Elzear on 26 August 1940 at Caldetas (Spain) at 63 years of age. He was replaced by Br. Alphonse.

5. Under Br. Gabriel Mary, Br. Fran ois Solano, Canadian, died on 5 December 1958 at 54 years of age. He was not replaced until the following General Chapter one year later.