L-I-F-E is the acronym of “Life In Full Education”. As you see on this banner it is used as the title of Montfortian Education communication platform. The Montfortian education secretariat has set up this platform with the help of 2 expert companies. It will facilitate easy communication of data, messages, documents, videos and photos. Additional facilities will be added as we build up our collective competence. Let us hope to find all the Montfortians and the concerns and contents of our mission being shared on this platform.

In the New Digital Age of 21st Century, Communication is the most important facture. As of now we have reasonably good connectivity all over the world. Empowering ourselves with this today is much more than the travelling facilities of colonial era for the missionaries of yesteryears. Our network has aimed at all communities and all individuals in the congregation. Consequently some of you may be getting double communication. Some have been bouncing back. Please make sure that all the Brothers of St. Gabriel gets “LIFE” regularly. If anyone is missing out please send me the correct email id to facilitate the process.

What do we communicate?
We want to make it a platform for all about our Education Mission. The whole world is re-launching process and content of education and we the Montfortians want to be at the forefront of the movement. We want to be contributors rather than consumers of the new process and technology. It is not a one-way traffic. You are all free to send materials for communication through this platform. Apart from sharing we shall also promote collective reflections, common projects and contextual innovations.

How often do we communicate?
We had already started communicating during the last few months. The frequency will increase with the expertise gained and facilities created. We hope it will be interactive when more of you start participating in it. Together we can create an effective Montfortian Education presence and contribution in this world today.

What is our source?
Apart from the Montfortian institutions in 32 countries across the world, we are connected to all the major global bodies like the UNESCO and Congregation for Catholic Education. At the country level we hope to have interaction with the respective governments. In other words we are getting more and more connected with the global resources to have the best for Montfortian Learning mission.

How to use the content of LIFE?
Give freely what you have received freely. Share it among ourselves, the teachers, the students, the parents, the policy makers as the case may be.

Bro. Mani Mekkunnel
Secretary General
Montfortian Education Foundation


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