A Plead For Mother Nature

A Plead For Mother Nature
“Nature is everywhere but seldom we care,

All the bounties of the Nature we share.

There is plenty for everyone’s need,

But many exploit it for their greed.

All we care is exploit the Nature for our need,

Rarely any one comes forward with a positive deed,

The Mother Nature bleeds and bleeds.

It is high time that we bow now,

And act accordingly.”

Keeping in view the Promotion of Greenery in the Campus, we have created an Oxygen Hub, which is well known for its lush green plantations along with some of the rare plants procured from different places. We have given Special Attention in planting Oxygen Generating plants. Some of the plants which has attracted attention among the students and the parents are

Zamia Furfuracea (cardboard Palm), Kimberley Queen (Indoor Fern), Maranta leuconeura, Colocasia esculenta, Setaria Palmiforlia, Moses Cradle, Asparagus fern, Lily turf, Arrow head plant, Cordyline pink Diamond, Mother in-laws tongue, Canna paniculate, Umbrella tree, Dragon tree, Areca Palam, Pygmy date palm, Cherry laurel, hostas plantain lily, Ficus benjamia, .etc.

The Oxygen Hub area is spread around Ten thousand sq. ft. It not only attracts students, parents’ teachers but also a good number of birds and small animals (squirrel, polecat, mongoose, etc.). In the mornings and evenings, we can hear a lot of chirping which is very soothing and comforting to everyone who passess by. All through the Summer Months the birds are provided with Cool drinking water. It’s a pleasure to watch them drink and bath merrily and enjoy a cool feel. That is what Our Holy Pope Francis invites each one of us to Nurture and Care for Our Mother Nature in his Encyclical “Laudato si”.

Group of parents, students and teachers often love to pass their leisure time around the Oxygen Hub and enjoy the refreshing air. Some of them even love to take their selfies and arrest the moment forever and ever. Our teachers along with students quite often hold their academic and co-curricular activities near the Oxygen Hub, Promoting awareness about Nature and Protection of Our Mother Earth.


                                                           Bro.Benny Thekkemuriyil

                                                           St.Gabriel’s Hr. Sec. School Jabalpur

                                                            Province of  Delhi.


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