Istituto Ca’ Florens Istrana Italia.

Adozioni a distanza in India.

Our Founder St. Louis Grignion de Montfort cared for the poor. Mother Teresa, a friend of mine, cared for the poor, because of my friendship with her, I have taken her as the Patron of our charitable activities for helping the poor children.

The Brothers of Istituto Ca’ Florens have different apostolic and social activities for the welfare of poor people. Every activity is concentrated on providing education as a basic condition for any human progress.

One of them is Adozioni a distanza. It means providing economic help for the educational expenses of poor children. Actually we are helping about 6000 poor students for their educational expenses.

Secondly we have contributed towards the construction of a number of primary schools in differente remote areas of different States.

Thirdly we have contributed and continue to contribute to construct small houses for the  poor families.

We provide tailoring machines to poor girls who have no possibility to continue with the higher studies. We provide them tailoring course and donate them tailoring machines at the conclusion of their course. During the past years we have donated a number of machines in different places to different poor girls and also to some tailoring teaching schools.

This year myself (Bro. Mathew Kavumkal) along with one of the benefactors, Mr. Giuseppe Dei Rossi, went to India to donate the machines for this year.

This year on the 25 May we had donated 51 tailoring machines to 51 girls who have completed tailoring course at Morning Star Tailoring Centre at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. The centre is run by the St. Ann’s Sisters of Luzern. On that day the parents of all these girls also had come. A beautiful function was organised by the Sisters and Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Tatapudi, Procurator of the Diocese of Eluru, and a few other Priests and religious. We have offered a good lunch to all the girls and to their parents. We got the food prepared through the cooperation of the Sisters.

On the same day we donated 7 bicycles to seven poor College going  students through the Domenican Sisters at Eluru.

On the 26, 27 and 28 May, myself (Bro. Mathew Kavumkal) and Giuseppe went to the Montfort School in Srikakulam. we visited a number of Tribal villages meeting the poor students whom we help for their educational expenses in Montfort School. On the 28th evening the Brothers of the Community: Bro. Mathew M.K., Bro. Monson and Bro. Jaya Balan, organised a beautiful function in the S. Goplalapuram Village with all the villagers and students. We donated 11 tailoring machines to 11 girls who have completed the tailring course at S. Goplalapuram tailoring teaching centre. The girls are poor but they are really pretty, intelligent and capable. When they are helped, they come up well in life and in family life.

I have also registered a charitable Society under Telengana Goverment in Hyderabad, India on 28th April 2014 to collect funds from India itself to help the poor in India through the Province of Hyderabad and the Province of Pune. It is working well. But we need more cooperation from the Directors and Principals of Schools in Hyderabad.

In these and in other ways we provide all the possibile possibility to these poor people to have a better future in their life. May our Patron Blessed Mother Teresa, who will be canonised in September, May pray for us.

Bro. Mathew Kavumkal






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