Synod on the Family starts

Synod on the Family starts

The Synod is an important time for the whole Church: pastoral and faithful must be guided by the Holy Spirit to achieve the goal of the Synod. Pope Francis considers it an important element in the life of the Church.

From the beginning, Pope Francis, many times, referred to the renewal of the Synod and he introduced its journey in two stages: the Extraordinary General Assembly of 2014 and the Ordinary General Assembly of 2015.

The Synod on the Family goes from Oct. 4-25, and is the second and larger of two such gatherings to take place in the course of a year. Like its 2014 precursor, the focus of the 2015 Synod of Bishops will be the family, this time with the theme: “The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the contemporary world.”

As in the first phase, it will be dealt on the burning issues concerning the family, from Bishops to priests, from deacons to the faithful, the Laity movements and Associations. It will serve to better address the challenges facing the families of our time. It is the duty of eachone of us to welcome them and to put them into practice in daily life.

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