Is it possible? Some are allergic to the word refounding! Yet that is what is happening when about 2500 participants from all over the world met in Vatican in the most important event on Education during this century.

It is very important for us because refounding Montfortian Education has to be aligned with the Catholic efforts at changing education mission for 21st Century. This is also the effort of the UNESCO and all the governments across the world. Education in a globalized world is a huge challenge. It is not business as usual. The Vatican has already created an Education Foundation as we Montfortians also have done. Vatican has also set up an Education Council to lead the changes. It all indicates the need for new structures for new objectives.

Montfortians are open to it all as demonstrated by the M.E.Conclave 2015. We have to scale up the context, content and conclusions of our education mission. Please find attached the conclusions of the Vatican Congress:  Read more….

Bro. Mani Mekkunnel
Secretary General


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