The Provincial House of Malawians Daughters of Wisdom caught fire on 11of September.   It was around 7:30 am soon after Morning Prayer when one sister and the workers in the kitchen noticed smoke from one bedroom of one of the sisters. Within seconds the fire took a great uncontrollable blaze. Immediately, the hospital staff was informed and they came to help in extinguishing the fire and removing some of the things that could be rescued. Fire men as well as the police were informed. At the end of 3hours and 30 minutes the fire was controlled. Most of the house items were evacuated except the seven rooms on the upper floor where nothing was evacuated. Thanks be to God Incarnate Wisdom, Saint Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie- Louise of Jesus that no life has been lost.

In the midst of this fire there are a lot of things that the sisters are thanking the Lord for, all important documents and belongings for the sisters who are participating in the preparation of the final vows are not affected. The sisters have been evacuated to Zomba at formation house where they are going to continue their session.

front part of the housecadre helping in evacuation of the goods

The front part of the house and cadre helping in evacuation of the goods

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