Montfortian Triduum

Montfortian Triduum

How to better prepare the Feast of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, on his Tercentenary, than dedicate three days to deepen Montfortian Spirituality? This is what several hundreds of people did, their number keeping increasing day after day, until counting 400 faithful on the last day, from a great number of nationalities. Our Congregations welcomed, of course, Pilgrims from India, Thailand, Canada, Congo, Italy, Malaysia, Haiti… as well as lay people from Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Colombia, without forgetting France, mainly from the neighbourhood of St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre.

All the participants assembled every day in the Basilica for Lauds and Eucharist followed by an input. Another gathering was scheduled before noon and a last one in the evening for Rosary and Vespers. Two visits were proposed, in the afternoon, to La Séguinière and Mervent, together with a Montfortian rally in the city of St. Laurent, or the discovery of one of Louis-Marie’s disciples, I mean Marie-Louise Trichet, and the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom in the museographic museum.

These three days came to their conclusion in a procession, on April 27, evening, preparing everyone for the important gathering of the following day, in a packed Basilica, for the Mass of the Tercentenary and the show on Montfort performed twice in front of 1200 spectators.

Bros- Yvan passebon/Marcel

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