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Logo of Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel

This logo represents the spirituality of the Congregation of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.

We find in this logo the following symbols:

1. “BLUE” is the Marian color.

- The lily of Mary, a symbol of the Immaculate

- The letters “A.M.”, ‘Ave Maria.’ The greetings of the Angel Gabriel.

These three elements represent Montfortian spirituality:

"To Jesus through Mary." The Annunciation (25th March) is the Patronal feast of the Montfortian Family. (Fathers and Brothers of the Company of Mary, Daughters of Wisdom and Brothers of St.Gabriel).


2. "RED" represents blood, selflessness and sacrifice.

- The "Cross" is a symbol of Jesus and his total love for men. It is a symbol so dear to St. Montfort, Apostle of the Cross, who died in Saint-Laurent, after giving his life for God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- The Letters "D. S.", mean "GOD ALONE" (Dieu Seul, in French)

  • It is the motto of St. Montfort. It signifies his total dedication to God and his trust in Providence of “Father who will never fail me”.

  • Later, Father Deshayes also chose this motto as a total abandonment to Providence of the Father, by an audacious confidence in his love.

  • It is also the Motto of the first Brothers of St. Gabriel

We can say that this logo is very simple and represents well the Montfortian Gabrielite Spirituality, inspired by its two founders, St. Montfort and Gabriel Deshayes.

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